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First Home Buyers

We resonate with the fact that buying a first home is a milestone, and here at Valion Finance Solutions, we help you in achieving the same. Many people are unaware of the right starting point when it comes to purchasing their first home.


Many Australians are paying too much to their current lender. But as change is inevitable, so is the idea of adapting to it. At Valion Finance Solutions, our aim is to review your circumstances and see if you still have the right product or need to change it as per the changing requirements.

Investment Loans

Do you have the right investment loan for your investment property? Do you need to release equity from your owner-occupied property to purchase an investment property?

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Why Choose Us

  • In-depth knowledge of the finance industry in Australia
  • Backed by 30 years of vast experience
  • Access to CoreLogic/RP data to help you make the right purchase decisions
  • Dedicated team working with a focus on customer satisfaction
  • Personalised & unique approach towards providing the best solutions

About Us

Valion Finance Solutions strives to provide the highest level of customer service possible. Our unique approach towards service delivery allows us to not only meet your expectations but exceed them by making sure that your experience with us is insightful and leads to positive outcomes.

Our take on customer service gives us an edge in the industry. We believe in providing personalised services, and as professionals we pay attention to detail while understanding your finances, your goals, and perspectives to recommend you the right solution.

Mortgage Solutions

Valion Finance Solutions procedures
1. Initial Enquiry

We identify your unique set of circumstances, needs and requirements. We have a short fact find form that you will need to complete online and upload some basic documents.

2. Consultation

We will provide you with a free consultation and analyse your fact form, go through your documents and search a variety of products that will suit your circumstances, needs and requirements.

3. Proposed Solution

We will provide you with a few different proposed solutions that will meet your unique set of circumstances, needs and requirements. If you like what we are proposing, then we can sign an application form and submit the application to the proposed lender.

4. Submission to Settlement

We will submit the application to the lender and guide you through the progress of the loan all the way to settlement. We will try our very best to ensure the process is simple and easy.

5. Post Settlement

We are here to help you even after your loan has settled. We will do loan reviews, provide advice and help you with any post settlement enquiries you may have.

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